EUR/USD Trading At Short-term Trendline

The EUR/USD has been rallying in the past 2 weeks after it barely cracked the 1.30 handle on 4/13/2012. It has since been treading with a relatively well-behaving trendline. The 4H chart shows a market in a rising channel or wedge pattern. The moving averages, and price action relative to the moving averages reflect a directionless market in the 4H time-frame. The RSI shows a bearish divergence and combined with a strong bearish 4H candle to end the 4/26 trading session, there some sign of exhaustion after a laborious 2-week rally.

In the 4H chart, we can see that a slide below 1.3140 will be a clear sign of breakout below the rising pattern. In this scenario, we would open up the 1.2970-1.30 support zone. If the 4/27 European session instead respect the risingtrendline, as well as other support factors near 1.3170, there is still upside toward the 1.33 handle (near a decliningtrendline as well) if the market can once again push above 1.3250. A persistent bullish market going above 1.33 and the declining trendline opens up the 1.3380, and 1.3480 resistance areas.
Near 1.33, we might have a counter-trend bearish scenario where we might have a bearish correction even if the market is turning bullish. The 1.32 handle will be of interest for a rejection from 1.33.
Below 1.3140, we might have a breakout scenario, with short-term outlook limited to 1.30, with some more common lows in the short-term near 1.3050.
Let’s see how the market sets the tone after a 2-week rally that has been weak and choppy as it turns the corner of the 2nd week into a week where the NFP will likely dominate market participants’ attention.
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