Technical Templates

Simple & straightforward always trumps complex & in-depth, especially where money is concerned :wink:
Locate a pair that's trending handsomely, or behaving itself, establishing clearly visible footprints & you got potential to make some decent cash.

If you can take a robust Daily chart set up & combine it with easily identifiable intra-day signals, you can more readily manage your trades & team them up with common time zone volume (activity) uptake.

The majority of the days Forex volumes are undertaken during London business hours.
2-3.00am eastern will usually signify a noticeable increase in currency activity & will generally continue into early morning New York business (7-10.00am eastern) before tailing off as the London business day, & the large volume order blocks, fizzles out.

Linking intra-day trades with the above Daily timeframe strategy, as London gears up for business, can offer excellent low risk opportunities on a very consistent basis.

It doesn't take but a few minutes at end of day, & again first thing in the morning, to scroll through the selection of pairs & identify follow-on trades.

By executing smaller timeframe trades in the direction of the larger timeframe trend, you stack the odds a little more firmly in your corner.


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