Financial Markets Today

U.S Markets were closed with a mixed sentiment yesterday.
Apple (APPL) share has concentrated great interest, ending the trading session 4% lower, with a vast turnover of over 2.5 million

Dow Jones index futures point to a flat opening.
Yesterday, The Dow Jones index was closing at 12,921 +0.56%, the S&P 500 index was closing at 1,369 -0.05% and the NASDAQ index was

closing at 2,988 -0.76%.

European Markets

European Markets were also closed with a mixed sentiment yesterday, reacting to negative news regarding Spain's financial condition

and to the Rumors that Moody's may perform a credit rating downgrade to major European banks.
Yesterday, The FTSE 100 index was closing at 5,666 -0.77%, the German DAX was closing at 6,625 +0.63% and the France CAC was

closing at 3,205 +0.51%.



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