Tech Icons' Weird Habits and Hobbies

Bangalore:  When you think of geniuses with very strange habits, the one person most people remember is the professor ‘Virus’ from the movie Three Idiots—who used Velcro shirts and ‘power-napped’ for around seven minutes a day to improve his efficiency.

What not many people know though, is that the concept of power-napping was devised by Thomas Alva Edison to help him solve problems better.

An interesting fact about this habit of his-- when he wanted the answer for a problem he couldn’t figure out, he would ‘power-nap’ in his armchair with a pair of metal balls in his hand. When he fell deep asleep, the balls would fall, and the sound would wake him up. He’d go and write the first thing that came to mind, and it would mostly be the answer to his problem!

But not all Tech Icons’ habits and hobbies are as thought-provoking; some of them are just downright odd.


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